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Making banking as simple as possible

The history of the SNS Bank goes back to 1817, with the founding of the first savings bank in the Netherlands. At that time, saving was primarily a means of promoting the ability of the Dutch people to cope, and that ability to cope still remains the priority of the SNS Bank. SNS helps self-conscious people make their financial decisions. For some time now the SNS Bank’s mission has been: ‘Simplicity in financial matters’. And the SNS Bank has given a practical interpretation to this mission with, amongst other things, the SNS Kasboek.

Business Need
““The SNS Bank was aware for some time of the need to offer our customers transparency, and that also involves a duty of care element. Not just a duty of care imposed by the supervisory authorities but more the care based on our own principles. We want to make banking as simple as possible for our customers and make people more aware of what actually happens with their money. The SNS Kasboek (Cash Book) is an excellent example of this”, says Jacob de Rotte, Head of Business for Distribution Channels at the SNS Bank.

“The great thing about this project was that we achieved initial implementation in super-fast time.”
- Jacob de Rotte, Head of Business for Distribution Channels at the SNS Bank.

Personal Finance Management (PFM), or keeping your personal finances up to date (online) is a very topical subject. The market also had an increasing demand for a tool that allowed consumers to manage their own financial affairs. Other major banks such as ING and ABN AMRO had also developed a similar tool. At a certain moment it became a ‘must’ to have a housekeeping book. The effect of these developments was that the SNS Bank ultimately wanted to offer more services than had originally been intended. Jacob de Rotte: “Figlo offered the possibility of a number of very interesting features as standard, such as: comparison, target saving, budgeting and viewing the transaction lists of other banks. You could disregard those because they are complex, however, we decided to offer this functionality to our customers as well. This presented the usual challenge, because it meant that the project would take longer than planned.”
Figlo’s website immediately gave a very good impression of the possibilities. In the orientation phase into such a PFM solution comparison was made between Figlo and three other providers, including Yunoo. Jacob de Rotte: “Figlo had the upper hand from the start because it offered a total solution, both with regard to functionality and user interface. The other parties had not yet managed to reach that point.”

“To ensure that the project was managed as efficiently as possible we used the Agile development scrum process and this contributed to the project success. This project was absolutely perfect for using this process and the final release took place on 30 May 2011. A team of six to seven people was constantly involved in the project and the impact that this had on the organisation was therefore better than expected.”

Aims and benefits
Jacob says that the aim was two-fold: “Our primary aim was to provide an interpretation of our mission: to give customers greater insight into their cash flows and to make banking simple. The greatest benefit for our customers is that they can now see what is happening with their money and their use of the Kasboek is free of charge. We offer the SNS Kasboek in conjunction with a completely new payment product, where we pay interest on the current account. Together with the SNS Kasboek this forms the main attraction for existing and new account holders to convert their current account. The benefit for the bank is that this increases customer satisfaction by anticipating new customer needs and developing a broader picture of the customer.”

The nice thing about this project was that we achieved initial implementation in super-fast time. Figlo already had ViewOnCash running as a demo website. It happened in no time, just as soon as our transaction data was linked to it. Everyone was also extremely enthusiastic because they could see something tangible happen immediately. The categorisation of transactions, for example, had a very powerful effect. Within three months there was a workable application and that is truly unique.

Jacob de Rotte finally adds: “I can certainly recommend Figlo to other parties as a partner for the implementation of PFM tools, such as the SNS Kasboek. The technology is perfect and the support provided by Figlo is also excellent. If we had any questions we didn’t need to wait long for a response. Communication was very smooth and that was very enjoyable for such a large project. If I had to give the project a mark then it would be a 9/10 and I don’t give marks like that very often. As a partner Figlo is also definitely worth an 8+. We worked very well together indeed and have created a wonderful product.”

About the SNS Bank
With a well-organised range of products and services for personal banking and SME business banking, the SNS Bank aims to be the best provider of simple financial products and services. With a personal-focus and accessible services, help and assistance, the SNS Bank has been close to its customers for almost 200 years. By maintaining these principles, the SNS Bank aims to play an important role for its customers in the field of payments, savings & investments, mortgages and insurance. The SNS Bank is part of SNS REAAL, which is listed on the stock exchange. The head office is located in Utrecht. For more information please visit: