Rabobank gives customers even more insight using technology Figlo


In January, Rabobank introduced new features in Rabo Internet Banking. The start page of Rabo Internet Banking was extended with 'widgets'. These are mini applications that can easily be added to the start page of internet banking. This way you can see your current financial situation at a glance. The new possibilities in Rabo Internet Banking help the client in keeping a grip on his finances. The widgets use the latest version of Figlo’s Personal Finance Management (PFM) application.

Jan van Lierop, CEO of Figlo Nederland: “By making smart use of Figlo technology, Rabobank has built its own ‘dashboard’. During the project, Figlo worked closely with Rabobank, while it was possible to keep a focus on the generic development. This allowed us to limit the customisation costs, which is quite something if you consider the scope of the project.”

“In the course of the project we very much enjoyed working together with Figlo. Rabobank wishes to distinguish itself from the regular online cashbook on several points. An example of this is the money boxes functionality. This makes it possible to create several money boxes - savings targets - for one savings account. Rabobank developed this functionality in collaboration with Figlo. Using the widget it is possible to get a clear picture of the money box and to see whether the target has already been reached,” says Marco Mur, Formula Manager at Rabobank.

Rabobank has made a deliberate choice not to offer a separate cashbook in internet banking. The possibilities for additional information are integrated by widgets on the client’s start page. Rabobank wants to make internet banking even more personal and to offer clients personal information and an overview; the client himself decides which widgets he wants to have on the start page. He can simply remove the widgets and again add them to the start page later. The client can, for example, sort his expenses, create budgets and manage virtual money boxes. Credit and debit entries of the previous 15 months are automatically classified in categories. Also new credit and debit entries are automatically classified in the categories. No extra costs are charged for the new service.

Watch the demo (in Dutch)

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